MARMARA FX is an advocate of the adoption of more transparent and ethical practices across the online trading industry. For this reason, we have developed a model of execution that meets both trader demands and ethical standards.

Most trades are filled in under 14 milliseconds, with up to 2,400 trades executed per second.

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Service Points
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Any Platform
It works on desktop, mobile & tablet or as online app via your browser.
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All data stored on user devices due to end-to-end algorithm.
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Online Dashboard
Detailed information is always available right at your hand.
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Strong Encryption

Sign in with most strong password system that can’t be hacked

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Certified Team
We have super-pro team with certified experts and crypto gurus.
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Support System

We have 5-stars rated support system working 24 hours 5 days a week.

Roadmap 2016 / 2022
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Team Highlights
Our Experience & Know-How
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Licensed Platforms

Invest on our licensed operating platforms for 24/7

24/7 Withdraw & Investment​

Withdraw your money even on the weekend


Access the forex market with 100,000 $ demo account


Marmara Insurance for protecting against financial losses. 


Become one of the Marmara investment partner 


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Marmara fx Features

Your money is safe and have three levels of information security standard ISO 27001:2013.


Investors information has a high level of privacy protection and will not be shared with another party


Clean and detailed appilaction  syncronize data across all your devices.

We help our clients to advance their knowledge and careers with our certified experts.

Our support staff are ready to help you 24/7 on any questions that you have

Expert insights

Invest and get analysis by experts to target the highest returns for your risk appetite.

Risk management

Your money is safe and have three levels of information security standard ISO 27001:2013.

Tight spreads

Get a transparent pricing structure and a secure and regulated trading environment. 

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